We think the proof is in the pudding, or not, as we prefer, (we are stupidly abstemious as well as everthing else!). What our clients think about our coaching is more important than all our  qualifications, or miles we have run, swum, rowed.... etc. We asked for some reviews

- here they are.... thank you. 

Pete connects with his trainees and ensures that he properly understands their goals and changing needs. He prepares and plans specifically for each session and keeps each session different, fresh and targeted on the trainee’s improvement. He keeps performance records (competition results, training performance records etc) and encourages his trainees by referring to measured improvements. He always concentrates on the positives. Above all his sessions are fun.



Clare is so thorough at creating a good programme for me, with fresh ideas every week so it never gets boring or routine, they push their own boundaries all the time and that's very inspirational!



Whilst Clare is a specialist running coach, this is not the only string to her bow. I approached her for some pre-skiing PT sessions and I felt such an improvement in my all round fitness and enjoyed it so much that I am still working with her one year later and love the new fitter me! She’s  simply excellent.


One of my life ambitions was to run a marathon - Clare coached me from complete novice runner to successfully completing the London Marathon. I couldn't have done it without her incredible support and ability to instil my own self-belief.


In the three months before my Jan 2015 skiing trip Pete researched and compiled an exercise programme designed specifically targeted on the strength, reflexes and balance requirements of alpine skiing.


We developed and built on what seemed to be working best - and did more of that!.

The result was quite extraordinary. I was able to ski hard all day every day and not feel the growing fatigue experienced in previous years. As a result my concentration on technique was more sustained resulting in a positive feedback effect.

The overall effect was a more enjoyable, successful and rewarding sporting experience. All the more surprising since Pete has never skied!!



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waiting for the runners to come home