So who is WIGGY?


We like you to be as competitive as we are so, every week we award WIGGY (valuable statuette) to someone who in our opinion excels at our Wednesday evening CORE workout.

 Is is not to the person who has done the 'best' or sweated the most -  though that might influence us, but to the person who has given it their all, that extra bit of effort during the evening

The weekly winner of this prestigious award takes WIGGY home for the week and along to some of the their weekly activities, be it foreign travel, a walk with the dog or a trip to the cinema. We just ask that you send us a photo so we can share what he has been up to (quite startling sometimes) and to bring him back the following week.

You are all winners in our eyes though, so everyone gets a sweet just for turning up! 

Scroll down to see Wiggy's photo album. 


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