• Pete

Hill running in a flat county March 2018

For the first time this year this weekend's session was done in reasonable temperatures! Due to people either racing or on hols., it was a small, but very keen group, who made it a fantastic session. The "bench-mark" times continue to excite the coach! Jude has steady chipped away at her time and has now made a 9 second improvement from her first time of 2018, this week breaking through the 70 second barrier! Hannah took 6 seconds off her time from just 2 weeks ago, and Neil took another 2 seconds off his best time, taking him to within 1 second of the fastest time run by anyone so far this year! The top three men, Will, Baz and Neil, are now all within 1 second of each other. I can't wait until all 3 are at the same session! Neil won the Green Bench award this week, but thanks to everyone for making it such an enjoyable session.

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